Rapid Deployment

Quickly deploy a private cloud in your own datacenter with automated provisioning of bare-metal and virtual servers.

Increased Productivity

Manage multiple clusters from your browser or use the API to integrate with your apps.

Centralized Management

Provision, deploy, manage and monitor your cluster and all your apps with an easy to use and intuitive UI.

Highly Flexible

On-prem or in the cloud, you have total control of your hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Container Technology Built-in

25% faster, 10x the density of ESX, and zero latency

LXD is a pure-container hypervisor that runs unmodified Linux guest operating systems with VM-style operations at incredible speed and density. Move your Linux VMs to containers, and run your applications without modification.

DevOps with Ansible

With AdaptiveScale the batteries are included. Ansible is a powerful DevOps automation engine that makes managing your distributed infrastructure a breeze. Your applications and systems are easier to deploy thanks to this radically simple and very powerfull IT automation platform.

Monitor all your infrastructure in Real-Time.

Know everything that’s happening with your infrastructure in real-time. With the bundled powerful metrics and graphing tools you can produce stunning visualizations.


Add your servers to a resource pool and associate them to the workload you desire. Combine physical and virtual compute resources to take advantage of the benefits each approach has to effer for optimal application performance, flexibility and high availability.


Tag your servers, select the operating system and apps, and they will be installed for you. Servers can be bare metal, virtual machines, or containers. All your applications can be deployed at once.


Monitoring of applications and infrastructure are of vital importance for maintaing service levels. With ACM all your servers can be monitored in real-time. In addition to the metrics available for individual server in real time, aggregated performance metrics provide a holistic view of full cluster health. Performance metrics are stored for historical analysis. With the included graphing system you can create custom graphs and charts for the metrics you care about.


Everything you need to know about the infrastrcuture supporting your applications is only a few clicks away. Resource utilization (CPU, RAM, HDD), running processes, listening IP ports, are all accessible via your browser. Infrasteructue can be allocated to resource pools that support a given distributed applications, or single instances of services running in containers. You also get the convenience of an SSH client right in your browser. ACM provides an open API for integration with your apps or external systems.

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