Hybrid Cloud

Simplify, Integrate, Automate.

Choosing whether to deploy infrastructure in your local data center or in the public cloud is becoming less relevant as applications evolve into the micro-service paradigm. Being able to leverage both on-prem infrastructure that’s fully within your control and public cloud providers that allow you to scale elastically gives you the best of the both worlds. Hybird architectures are the future and AdaptiveScale is leading the way with fully integrated solutions that let you harness the power of the collective deployment options. Start in the cloud or on-prem and scale in either direction as your workloads dictate.


Support for provisioning of bare metal and virtual servers, as well as the latest container technology, allows you to get started quickly with your projects both on premises or in the cloud.



All your applications can be deployed at once. Staring from the operating system and all the way to installing a completely configured Hadoop cluster, all with point-and-click ease.



Scale your private or public cloud resources and manage your infrastructure all from one place. Use your browser for everything. No longer need to install SSH clients or hunt down SSH keys.



View the aggregated performance metrics for full cluster health, or check the vitals for an individual server, all in real time. Custom graphs and charts can be created for the metrics you care about.


AdaptiveScale Cluster Manager

AdaptiveScale’s infrastructure automation software enables enterprises to harness the value of all their data, faster than ever before. We remove the complexity of managing fleets of servers, regardless if they are physical or virtual, by providing a powerful set of tools and technology that ease the burden of infrastructure management and get out of your way to let you focus on what really matters—building your distributed data driven applications. AdaptiveScale provides a unified DevOps and BigData platform focused on simplicity, integration, and automation. With Cluster Manager you can provision, deploy, manage, and monitor your hybrid cloud with just your web browser.

Application Marketplace.

Cluster Manager provides access to an open marketplace that allows customers to utilize a variety of application bundles supplied by either AdaptiveScale or the community. App bundles accelerate Time-to-Value (TTV) by encapsulating the extensive expertise gained over years of deploying distributed systems and applications at scale, and customers have the ability to extend them for specific use cases. We curate all public app bundles and test them thoroughly to ensure compatibility.

Application Bundles

Distributed cluster technology can be very complex and can be difficult to install and configure properly. App bundles abstract this complexity by providing a simple and intuitive installation experience that can be achieved with a few clicks of the mouse.

Deploying a Hadoop cluster or a full stack application with a multi-node database can be accoplished in a mere fraction of the time it normally takes via tranditional means.